Saturday, November 17, 2012

Scarf Sets - 5 Looks in One!

Remember?? I told you I love fiber.....  I also love color - this was the perfect mix.   
So many have asked me how to tie scarves - so popular everywhere and wear them anytime now!  Truth is I stink at it   :(   but.....this scarf is so awesome.   

I knit the basic scarf and allow for another scarf to be inserted.   I've hand-dyed the silk (inserted) scarf - love that part, and it's part of the wearable art!  

See the pics that show different ways to wear it, as a shawl (tighten the silk), hanging straight down, doubled up, just the silk, just the knitted version.  Don't can also - add you own scarf for a whole new look!   Scarves are $44 for the set plus shipping.  You can email me for colors, happy to send you a pic first at

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