Saturday, November 17, 2012

Luggage for Roadtrek - fold it away!

Just had to share this tip!  I use Ikea bags (as pictured in photo) for lots of things, especially traveling to art shows or teaching how to make my sweater bags.   The Sweater Bag Kits fit nicely and when they are sold - I just have an empty bag to fold up - no luggage or crates to haul back.

NOW - that we have our awesome Roadtrek - these bags fit great in the above storage areas(and only $3) - or scrunch in the drawers or under the beds in the lower storage.   Haul dirty clothes to the camp laundry or whatever - the best part is they are coated plastic, zip up and can fold and put away if there is no need to use them.  Ikea has a nice selection of all kinds of storage things - and they seem to specialize in  fitting small spaces. 

 I always aim to buy from local merchants (Go USA) but I do make an exception with Ikea.  :)    In your travels don't pass them by - stop in, they also have a cafeteria to grab a bite to eat.

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