Saturday, November 17, 2012

Luggage for Roadtrek - fold it away!

Just had to share this tip!  I use Ikea bags (as pictured in photo) for lots of things, especially traveling to art shows or teaching how to make my sweater bags.   The Sweater Bag Kits fit nicely and when they are sold - I just have an empty bag to fold up - no luggage or crates to haul back.

NOW - that we have our awesome Roadtrek - these bags fit great in the above storage areas(and only $3) - or scrunch in the drawers or under the beds in the lower storage.   Haul dirty clothes to the camp laundry or whatever - the best part is they are coated plastic, zip up and can fold and put away if there is no need to use them.  Ikea has a nice selection of all kinds of storage things - and they seem to specialize in  fitting small spaces. 

 I always aim to buy from local merchants (Go USA) but I do make an exception with Ikea.  :)    In your travels don't pass them by - stop in, they also have a cafeteria to grab a bite to eat.

Scarf Sets - 5 Looks in One!

Remember?? I told you I love fiber.....  I also love color - this was the perfect mix.   
So many have asked me how to tie scarves - so popular everywhere and wear them anytime now!  Truth is I stink at it   :(   but.....this scarf is so awesome.   

I knit the basic scarf and allow for another scarf to be inserted.   I've hand-dyed the silk (inserted) scarf - love that part, and it's part of the wearable art!  

See the pics that show different ways to wear it, as a shawl (tighten the silk), hanging straight down, doubled up, just the silk, just the knitted version.  Don't can also - add you own scarf for a whole new look!   Scarves are $44 for the set plus shipping.  You can email me for colors, happy to send you a pic first at

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Soap on the Road!

Yes, you read that right - not on a rope, but on the road.   Bought some homemade soap that disintegrated pretty quick!  We were in our "beloved Roadtrek" when it occurred to me to make a Soap Sack!  

Now I am making soap and enclosing it in Soap Sacks that are exfoliating, as well as drying the bar when you've finished your shower.  Your Soap Sack can be hooked in the RV shower or your bathroom at home and has room to attach your razor.   Works great when you're showering in the campground too!   It also leaves a wonderful scent in your RV or your bathroom.  

Scents are Citrus, Sweet, Patchouli, Berry and Citronella/Peppermint.

Citronella/Peppermint oils work great for bug prevention.  I use it because Mosquitoes love me. I also use it for my 2 Morkies (Maltese-Yorkie) since it seems to help prevent fleas.  

All of the soaps contain shea butter, olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil and other essential oils that are great for your skin.  Normally, I have to use 
moisturizer but not as much with these soaps!

If you'd like one the cost is $7.00 each, which includes the exfoliating Sack.  Shipping for one is $3.00, and for two is $5.00.    Just email me at with your order request.